As a collective of member-driven regional angel investment funds, we want to play an important part in the development of emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The Gap

There is a gap between early-stage capital investment and the actual wealth of a region. Traditionally, wealth tends to be invested across more traditional asset classes, and high-potential investments are difficult to access on a diversified basis without substantial funds.

Enter Tonic.

Return-Driven Fund

Tonic provides an opportunity for our members to invest in regionally-focused funds that co-invest with other venture capital firms. Our funds leverage members' subject matter expertise and global perspective to invest in the most promising startups.

Democratized Investment Process

We provide our members with exposure to the due diligence and investment processes and voting rights to co-invest with trusted people and access deals that otherwise would be unavailable to them.

The net effect will be to build an increased pool of professional early-stage angel investors to power regional startup ecosystem momentum.

Tonic Managers